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Vaginal Infections

Vaginal infections are one of the most common problems that sexually mature women are faced with. While the symptoms of inflammation are very common, women usually don’t know much about them. Vaginitis, vaginosis and colpitis are different terms that describe the same condition – inflammation of the vagina. The inflammation can be caused by different microorganisms, as well as chemical or physical arousal.

A vagina that is healthy produces secretions that moisturize and maintains it clean in a similar manner to that of salivary gland function in the oral cavity. Vaginal secretion is a normal occurrence in sexually mature women and it is usually clear or a little bit whitish and when it is dried on lingerie it might appear yellow. Appearance of the secretion changes during different phases of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, changes in diet, emotional stress, taking various medications (including oral contraceptives) or during sexual arousal. The pH of the vagina is acidic and keeps it protected from infections. However, during the different phases of the menstrual cycle the acidity of the vagina is changed and it is lowest just before and during menstruation. It is in this period when most of the infections appear.

Inflammation appears due to changes in the balance between bacteria that is normally found in the vagina of a sexually mature woman and her hormonal changes. The causes that lead to an imbalance may vary: taking different drugs (for example taking antibiotics), contraceptives (both oral and local), emotional stress, sexually transmitted diseases or frequent change of sexual partners.

Vaginal infections can be noticed easily and some of the most common signs of vaginal infections are the following:

–      Change of colors of secretion. It can turn yellow, greenish or a mix of both colors.

–      Extended vaginal secretion with unpleasant smell

–      Burning and itching sensation in the vaginal area

–      Burning sensation during urination

–      Pain and cramps in the lower abdomen

Keep in mind that each symptom should be taken seriously and remember that some infections have no symptoms in the early stage. Do not hesitate to take gynecological examination because the expression of symptoms of inflammation of the vagina is not always in line with the severity of the infection and the possible consequences. Only infections that are timely found can be treated easily. Infections that were not found on time, that are left untreated and/or inadequately treated can spread to other parts of the reproductive system and cause serious damage, such as partial or complete impenetrability of the ovaries. So make sure to make regular visits to a gynecologist in order to keep your health on high level. This is especially important during pregnancy because untreated infection of the vagina can lead to premature birth, low birth weight and other serious complications.

There are few steps that you can make in order to lower the risk of picking up vaginal infections:

–      Wipe the intimate area from the front toward the anus

–      Choose underwear made of cotton

–      Do not wear tight clothing during hot days

–      Use condom and practice safe sex

–      Visit your gynecologist regularly








Managing Premature Ejaculation through Kegel Exercise

An erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation is a problem that affects some men across the globe. The problem is characterized by ejaculation of semen, which can occur just before penetration or soon after penetration. It has psychological effect on both a man and his partner. Just like with the partner, a man with the problem experiences sexual un-satisfaction and dejection.

There are certainly many ways through which the problem can be treated depending on identified cause. One of the most effective ways of managing the problem is through Kegel exercises. Although widely performed by women, Kegel exercises have proved very beneficial to ED in men. The benefit of these exercises lies in the fact that they are useful in addressing various types of erectile dysfunction.

Location of Right Muscles

Like with other exercises, Kegel exercises target specific exercises in the body. These are the PC muscles that control various mechanisms in the pelvic region including release of semen in men. A man can easily ascertain whether his PC muscles are weak or strong by stopping flow of urine when he urinates. Ability to stop urination mid-way before allowing the flow to continue is a clear indication that the PC muscles are strong, which also aids in combating premature ejaculation.

Regular Exercises

Because holding urine from flow and letting it flow can only happen when a man feels like urinating, the best way to perform the exercise is to contract the PC muscles and relaxing them several times a day on a regular basis. The technique lies in contracting the muscles for say five second before relaxing them for another five seconds before repeating the whole process several times in a row.

Although it might seem a simple exercise, a man with the problem of premature ejaculation and any associated erectile dysfunction can greatly benefit from the exercise by gradually increasing both the contractual and relaxation period. A man needs to perform this exercise by starting off slowly and increasing intensity as days pass by.


A very important element in performing the exercise with the aim of eradicating premature ejaculation and any associated erectile dysfunction problems is focus. A man needs to focus on the PC muscles in particular without flexing abdominal, thighs and buttock muscles. Another important element is how one breathes. A man needs to breathe normally while performing the exercise without holding back his breath.


Men who perform this simple Kegel exercises do not only realize positive results; eradication of premature ejaculation and associated erectile dysfunction problems but also experience healthy penile function. However, care needs to be taken because overworking the PC muscles can be counter-productive. Over-exercising the muscles can weaken the same muscles, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. It is therefore recommended that the exercise be performed on an empty bladder.

Because of its positive effect in eradicating ED, this exercise is highly recommended for men diagnosed with the problem and undergoing treatment through other means. Such a combination allows such men to realize positive results in less time compared to when such other treatment option is undertaken on its own.

How Girls Look At Sex And Relationships

The female body is certainly a work of art and deserves to be admired. However, if men can take some out peeling into her breasts and butt, chances are that she may allow you to build a closer companionship. A woman does want to gain the love and trust of the man she is devoted to, but sex does have an important role to play in the success of the relationship. For most women, sex is a form of rejuvenation – an activity that allows digging deeper into the relationship, an activity that helps the relationship even beyond the bedroom.

Sex feels great if you are indulging with someone you are passionate about and feel great to have beside you in the most intimate moments. Having great sex makes the girl feel fuzzy and all warmed up and provides another reason to take the companionship forward. The common beliefs are that sex is more meant for pleasure, for fun and frolic, maybe relaxation and even social status. However, there is nothing that can deny the worth of a good sleep after some amazing heated moments with the one you love. Lovemaking is the best medicine that nature has put in place and this is one of the prime reasons that everybody seeks a companion. For women, it provides more emotional energy. It is a proven fact that the most creative and intelligent of people have had a great time at bed – right from the glory days of Kamasutra to the present everyday lovemaking.

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So why does sex make women feel happy?

The human body is all wired up and it is well understood that all the processes start and end in the brain. A good sexual session releases chemicals that helps relaxes the brain, reduces stress levels, dulls pains and emphasizes upon a better lifestyle. In the same way, women (applies for men too) bereaved of sex are acutely depresses, stressed out and have a rough unadmirable nature. The positive jolt that a good sexual session can give doesn’t have an alternative and is unbeatable. A strong physical relationship and a sense of intimacy will ensure that you are at the top of your confidence levels and this is what will make a positive remark on every aspect of your lifestyle – work, social relationships, personality, etc.

When women are having a great time at bed and her inkiness spreads, she will get to love her life and will want to cherish the moment throughout. Sexually satisfied women will go to any extent to hold on to the man they have been with but on the other side of the coin, a woman who is not having a good time will definitely find out reasons to seek a better company. Sex makes you happy and has more to it than the exchange of bodily fluid in the heated moments. Having sex with a loved one is a feeling that no amount of money can buy. It is the primary activity that keeps her happy and loving.

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Sex Life And Relationship

It seems that western society is finally letting go of the Augustan, Victorian, and Puritan views over sex and relationships. Some people consider that viewing these aspects of our lives from a different perspective is very healthy while others still consider these subjects taboo or at least private. The truth is that both reactions are normal and logical. On one hand, people should explore their sexuality together with their partners so that they can build up a healthy relationship, and on the other hand sex has lost much of its meaning just because of the fact that it was trivialized.

One thing is clear though: sex is a very important part of a relationship.  If two people decide to start living together as a couple, they need to know how their bodies react to one another. This is the thing that most people call ‘chemistry’. Chemistry refers to actual chemical reactions that happen in the brains of two people who are in love and who want to have sex with each other. Pheromones, serotonin, and endorphin levels, all have an important role to play when choosing a partner. If the reactions are positive, your brain will know at that point that the person in cause will make a good partner.

Of course, there are people who consider that moral and religious values are more important. This is, of course, a choice that nobody should criticize. However, there are a few risks when choosing to go into a relationship with someone without having intercourse with that person before. All the reactions mentioned above could in some cases be negative. Your body will know that that person is not a good match for you. In such cases people can feel very different reactions to that person, most of which are not sexual. This is, if you may, friend zoning in a nutshell.

Whatever the case might be, sex is a very important part of a relationship. Even if some people consider premarital or casual sex something downgrading, it is actually a good way of filtering the potentially good from the potentially bad partners. There have been situations when couples felt very attracted to each other and decided to not have sex; until a certain point and as soon as they had sexual intercourse their relationship just went downhill. Sex and a relationship should go hand in hand. It is better to realize that the person you are dating is not fit for you from the first week or two than to end up waiting. Semi platonic relationships can only last so long. People might have sneered at Dr. Freud’s ideas over sexuality and relationships but it has been proven time and time again that all these sexual repressions in a relationship only lead to bigger problems like sexual dysfunction or deviations, self-esteem issues, and general bitterness.

It might seem like a bit weird advice and it might also contradict my earlier comment on the trivialization of sex, but if one wants to find his or her significant other, sex needs to be part of the plan from the beginning. After all, sex and relationships are almost a tautology.

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How to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The number of young people that have sexually transmitted diseases is rising every day. For example in the USA more than half of those who suffer from some kind of sexually transmitted disease are young people under the age of 25.

There are more than 20 types of diseases that are transmitted by sexual intercourse and there are much more causes that these diseases occur. Some of them are caused by the virus of the genital wards or the human immunodeficiency virus while others are caused by hepatitis and herpes. Very often these diseases are Chlamydia infections, because they are really easily transmitted and often accompanied by other infections.

When we talk about Chlamydia infections it’s good to know that the incubation period of this infection takes one to three weeks. After this period people that are infected can notice whitish discharge from their genitalia. Sometimes it’s very hard to tell what the symptoms of Chlamydia are and the process of treating this infection can be very difficult.  For example men that have developed Chlamydia infection can have problem with their prostate (inflammation) while women can experience pelvic inflammatory disease which can lead to infertility. Therefore it is necessary to be extremely careful and to react as soon as the infection is noticed. This infection is treated successfully with the usage of antibiotics.

Prevention is extremely important when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases because as you can they are very difficult to treat. Some infections are very difficult to notice because they don’t make some significant changes in their host. That’s why we need to be cautious. Sometimes it takes only one sexual contact for transmission of infection. That’s why prevention is very important. Although there are different types of protection for different types of infections, there are some general rules that can apply for all infections and for all people no matter their age, sex or sexual lifestyle.

Prevention is very important and should begin as early as possible. It means that even before young people make their first sexual contact they need to be familiar with these issues. They need to learn about the causes of sexually transmitted infections and the diseases that they cause and the ways to protect if they occur.

The most efficient method that will give 100% effect is abstention from sexual activity. However this option is not practical and probably not even possible. There are however few things that can help the prevention from these infections:

–      Proper choice of a partner. Having sex with people that you know, trust and love will certainly reduce the risk of infection to minimum.

–      Having sex with complete strangers or almost complete strangers with unknown sexual behavior will raise the risk. People that tend to have such contacts are often carriers of various diseases.

–      Having regular medical exams can prevent the appearance of infections.

–      Using condoms will surely increase the level of security. Condoms can prevent transmission of most of the sexually transmitted infections however people should be careful with infections that are transmitted in other ways.

–      Regular showering can also be very useful.

Remember that even if we have taken all measures for prevention sexually transmitted diseases can still occur. That’s why we need to treat them very seriously.

Testosterone And Sex Drive

There are many things that stimulate male sex drive and although testosterone hormone is not the only one, if there is not enough testosterone produced it can certainly have very negative impact on sexual relationships. Even more, the lack of this important hormone can result in total loss of sex drive and even erectile dysfunction. However, with the advance of medicine, there are several ways to treat this unpleasant situation and all of them give significant results.

How does testosterone affect sex drive?

Although scientists have not yet fully explained the connection between the testosterone hormone and the strength of the libido, what is known as a fact is that as men get older their sex drive starts to decline. That’s a very natural thing. Men have their maximal sex drive in their teen ages and in their 20s. After that period the libido starts to decrease. However not all men have the same sex drive and what one man considers to be weak sex drive some other men think that the same level of sex drive is fine. We should of course point out that the sex drive changes with other changes in men and it is equally affected by stress, insomnia, mild depression and other everyday problems. That’s why experts avoid making a definition of “normal sexual drive”. The symptoms that occur as a result of low level of testosterone do not apply to the feeling of lower sexual drive. Some men maintain their sex drive even though they have lower testosterone levels. Thus, the lack of testosterone is one of the causes that negatively affect male libido, but not the major cause.

Erectile dysfunction

It is really surprising that low levels of testosterone are rarely causing problems with erection. And even when there is a connection between sex drive and low levels of testosterone it rarely causes erectile dysfunction. Erectile disorder, in most cases, appears as a result of atherosclerosis (that is actually a disease that of large and medium-sized muscular arteries characterized by dysfunction of the endothelium of blood vessels). Due to the damage of the arteries, blood vessels that supply the penis are not able to expand and can’t provide strong blood flow that causes an erection. High blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and diabetes are the main causes of atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunctions. At the same time, testosterone deficiency is “helping” atherosclerosis when it comes to causing erectile dysfunctions. It is important to say that lower testosterone levels can indirectly responsible for erectile disorders, sometimes even in conditions that lead to erectile problems like: obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

What to do?

When we talk about solving this bitter problem, one of the most efficient ways is testosterone therapy, which will certainly make a positive impact on the male sex drive and improve sexual life. Although these therapies are performed for several years it is good to know that the side effects are still not well researched and people should be careful.

If you want to keep your sex drive on high levels you should also consider: less smoking, less alcohol and moderate physical activity.

Impotence – Constant Fear Of Sexual Dysfunction

Having low self-esteem linked with sexual impotence can truly disturb every man and what is even more frightening is that this unpleasant situation can affect different aspects of their lives. In situations like these failures become something inevitable.

There are many reasons why this is happening and different psychologists have different conclusions. However there are few things that seem to repeat in these cases of impotence among men.

Men tend to equate their masculinity with their sexual power, although masculinity is reflected in many different things not just sexuality. Furthermore they equate their sexual power with erectile power, which allows normal and uninterrupted sexual intercourse with the partner. Men can be manly and impotent at the same time although some of them don’t realize how that is possible. There are many causes why impotence occurs. For example there can be natural causes, when impotence occurs because of sclerotic changes in the blood vessels. Certain neurological diseases can also cause impotence – for example multiple sclerosis. The list is even longer when we add, diabetes, various medical interventions (prostate surgery, aortic surgery, tumors around and on the genitals…), various medications that we consume (antihypertensives , psychopharmaceuticals), on it. Mental disorders are on this list too. For example depression can lower sex drive in addition to impotence. These mental disorders can cause even more problems than some of the medicaments.

There are some side causes that can also affect the appearance of impotence. On the top of this list are bad relationships followed by distancing of the partners, hostility and hatred and even open aggression. Sometimes some unexpected events in our lives can also affect our sexual health. Things like death of a partner, fear from a newly discovered disease. fear of divorce, troubles at work; they can all worsen the situation.

In many cases the cause of sexual impotence is of psychological nature. After a few failures in a row, which might be caused by some unfortunate events, a man can develop fear of failure. This fear is interfering erection and lowers the quality of the sexual intercourse.

In these cases men tries to focus on their own performance instead of focusing on the physical attractiveness of the women they are with. Sometimes these causes have deeper roots which can be traced in the early childhood.

The unstoppable process of aging can also affect the sexual power of men. After the age of 50 erections might not occur as often as previously. Men are usually physiologically strongest in their 20s and after the 40s they slowly begin to lose interest in sex and their levels of testosterone are lowered. In some cases the sex drive is present but the man is not able to achieve erection so easy.

Every case of impotence should be examined separately. Depending on the causes impotence can be treated with drugs, surgery and even with psychotherapy in cases of psychogenic impotence.

How Does Lack Of Sex Affect Health, The Benefit Of Sex

We are sure that you have already read numerous articles that try to explain the benefits of sex and how good sex is for both our physical and mental health. You can also find dozens of surveys that come with the same conclusion – sex is something that we need to practice often in order to preserve and improve our health. However you can find only few sources that can tell how lack of sex affects human health. In this article you will find a summarized conclusion about this based on scientific research. It looks like people who don’t practice sex regularly have more health problems. Some of these problems include:

Heart attacks

Recent studies have confirmed that regular and quality sexual activities are closely linked with heart health. Every physical activity that doesn’t put too much pressure on your heart is good for the heart; however sex is one of those activities that bring a lot of different benefits. When people practice sex it is not just a physical activity it is much more. According to numerous scientists sexual activity boost the production of hormones that are useful for our health. The scientist have no doubts that people that have more sex have less chance to face heart attack because the heart is a lot stronger.

Insomnia and poor sleep

Although there are many reasons for insomnia and poor sleep, irregular sex is certainly one of those reasons. What we all know is that regular sex can provide some good sleeping. The reasons for this are the hormones that are released during and after the sexual intercourse. They make the body more relaxed and calm which eventually leads to a good tight sleep.

Losing enthusiasm

We love sex not only because of the physical pleasure but also because we always feel good afterwards. This good feeling boosts our self-confidence and our enthusiasm. There is no real scientific explanation for this connection but it is probably because of the feeling of closeness and belonging that sex provides. These emotions are present in each of us and the sex gets them on the surface. So it is no wonder why people who don’t have regular sex are slowly losing their enthusiasm with all those emotions laying deep inside of them.


Sex makes everyone happy. It is a well known fact that sex is a natural mood booster. However irregular or no sex activity will certainly cause people to feel depressed. Psychologists have revealed that people suffering from depression usually have irregular sexual activities and that is one of their main reasons for depression.

Poor work performance

People who have a normal sex life are much more efficient at work. Once again thanks to the hormones that are released during the sex, people appear to be more focused and they achieve better results. On the contrary people with poor sex life have trouble staying focused and they usually have poor work performance.

Depression And Sexual Problems

Sexual problems like erectile disorder or inability to accomplish orgasm very often occur together with depression. Good news for those who suffer from these problems is that doctors in most cases can treat these sexual problems with great success. Depression is a well known psychological state and doctors have many ways to treat it.

How does depression affect sexual life?

We probably rarely think about our brain as an sexual organ but in fact many aspects of our sexual experience are connected with it. For example sex drive starts from the brain and continues to slide through our body with the help of the neurotransmitters. These transmitters are actually strengthening the communication between brain cells and provide better blood flow to sexual organs and as we all know – good blood flow means better sexual pleasure. When we talk about depression and other mood disorders in general, the stability between these brain particles is disturbed. That is why, many men and women that are suffering from depression are aware that their sex drive is very weak or practically non-existent because of their mental state.

The link between anti depressants and sexual problems

Antidepressants usually have some really good effects when it comes to mood improvement and the state of mind overall, but in some depressed persons, some of them like serotonin inhibitors can cause very unpleasant side effects. And it is exactly these side effects that can cause a lot of sexual problems. The manner in which antidepressants improve mood is to change the balance that exists between the brain and the brain substance. The thing is that these substances are in direct correlation with the sex drive. So this means that antidepressants disrupt this balance and very often they directly cause sexual problems because of that. People that use antidepressants are aware that the dosage of antidepressants affects the sexual desire and can stimulate even more sexual problems and dysfunctions. Some sexual problems occur more than others due to the usage of antidepressants. Problems like inability to initiate sexual intercourse or enjoy the sex, erectile disorders, inability to achieve orgasm or very weak sex drive are the most common sex problems that comes with antidepressants.

Ways to solve sexual problems caused by depression

Of course it is always a good thing to call a doctor. They are after all trained and educated to solve this kind of problems.

There are also few methods that can help people successfully cope with the undesired effects of antidepressants that affect the whole sex life and at the same time they can continue with their therapy.

There are many different types of antidepressants from different manufacturers and not all of them have the same effects. The newer antidepressants are improved and the pharmaceutical industry is trying to lower the side effects including those that affect the sex life. Of course before making a switch in the type of antidepressant consulting a doctor is a must.

Another good way is to take antidepressants and drugs that improve sex drive at the same time, because there are drugs that help the sex drive that don’t affect the effectiveness of antidepressants.

A Woman’s Survival Guide to Talking About Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be devastating for men afflicted with the condition, but thankfully society has become more accepting and understanding. With so many products out there, men finally have options to help. If you are a man, and you suffer from premature ejaculation the prognosis is hopeful. For the partners of men with premature ejaculation, it can still be incredibly frustrating. Women can feel trapped and at a loss of how to approach or deal with the problem. Some men just don’t want to face the reality, some don’t consider it a problem and even with treatments- progress doesn’t happen overnight. So how do you deal with the effects premature ejaculation has on you, the one who is afflicted- but affected just the same? With some communication you can make a major difference in making changes.

Don’t Get Angry

The most important thing to remember, and this goes for any situation you are in with PE, is that you need to be supportive. Of course, it’s frustrating for you and it is so easy to get caught up in the selfish thoughts that can come as a knee-jerk reaction. However, you have to fight past that and remember that your commitment to each other means that you are supposed to support each other. If you can support him through any other situation, why not PE?

Timing is Everything

It is critical that you approach with caution and handle with kid gloves when broaching the subject to your partner. Deep inside, he is already aware there is a problem; and it is likely eating him up inside. It is a crushing blow to the male ego, and can make any man feel like a failure and less of a man. Time your approach gracefully, how he reacts to the conversation can be greatly affected by the timing. Certainly, you shouldn’t bring it up before, during or after sex. Like any uncomfortable topic, don’t wait til an argument to bring it up, and it will blow up in your face. Make him his favorite dinner, bring him a beer and ask him about his day or even just a shared movie night.  I’m not trying to tell women, “Get back in the kitchen!” rather, showing these gestures will put him at ease and set his mind in the mode of realizing how grateful he is for you and what you do.

Having the Talk

Here is the hard part, actually bringing up one of the most difficult topics most couples ever have. As with any criticism, or uncomfortable feedback you have to give anyone there are some tricks to make it more palatable. A great technique is one of the oldest, sandwiching the feedback to soften the blow. The way this works is the say something positive or uplifting about him, gently lead into the feedback and close with another positive affirmation. Some examples are:

  • Our relationship is so amazing, you are considerate and so supportive.
  • I feel like you would do anything for me.
  • I love that we can talk openly with each other.
  • Nothing makes me happier than curling up with you at the end of the day.

Now you can bring up the rough stuff; the actual problem. This is a very delicate matter, so remember that this is meant to help both of you- a vested interest can greatly help keep you in the proper mindset. Secondly, don’t place blame. He doesn’t mean to have this problem, no man asks for it. You can ease into the conversation by softly curving into it. Perhaps you can ask if anything has been bothering him or having any stress; seeing how he is feeling physically is great too. Premature ejaculation can be caused by mental and physical means, understanding which the case is will speed up the process. Remind him that sex is something you share together, and you want it to be as fulfilling as possible for both of you. If he feels your motivations are selfish, he will shut down or even get upset. Be patient and let him talk through the process and get to a comfortable place. Once the topic is on the table, you can finally work towards solving the problem.

PE is frustrating for both partners, and has driven a wedge between many couples. Don’t wait for him to bring it up, enable him to seek help. Knowing that there is no pressure or blame, and that you want to help him- not judge him, will make him more receptive to your help.

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