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How To Stimulate The G-spot In The Right Way?

You have probably read or heard about naughty novels which tell a story about some lonely and unsatisfied girl who finally manages to find the right man who somehow hits her g-spot from the first time and she feels incredible sexual pleasure. Most people believe that this is only part of the imagination of the writer, but the truth is that these spots exist. However, stimulation of the this sensual spot is still a major scientific mystery that occupies the minds of many scientists, but also the minds of many sexually active women and men. Many claim that they have searched and found this spot while someone got lost during this journey. Some people claim that they are not looking for it because it simply doesn’t exist. The fact is that many sexologists claim that the g-spot exists. The best part of this hot spot is that you can stimulate it on your own or ask your partner to do it. Now let’s see some of the ways that can help you stimulate g spot that leads to incredible orgasms.

Sex toys

Have you ever seen vibrators that are curved at the top? Although they look weird, their appearance is specially designed for finding and stimulating the g-spot. Place some lubricants on the vibrator and place the curved top toward the top of the stomach and start with the stimulation. Remember to keep some other erogenous zones like the clitoris and breasts active too. But, if you are doing this naughty experiment with your partner, let him try to find the g-spot with the sex toys. In this way you will be able to relax completely and enjoy better sexual experience.


In case you don’t feel comfortable buying a sex toy or you simply don’t feel comfortable using one, you can always use your partner’s or your own fingers. Add a small amount of lubricant on the index and middle finger. After that, place the fingers for around few inches inside the vagina and slowly make them firmer and start the stimulation. You should not have long nails in order to avoid injuries. You can easily notice the g-spot because this area is usually smoother than the rest of the vagina. If you are stimulating your vagina on your own you can easily adjust the speed, pressure and the other factors that will make you feel more comfortable. If you want your partner to help you, feel free to give him some guides.

Different sensations

Some women say that stimulation of the g-spot makes them feel an urge to urinate while others start to feel excitement instantly. If nothing happens at first, try to stimulate this spot in different ways. For example, change the angle, try to increase or decrease the speed, pressure, circular motions or any other way that will make you feel more comfortable.

Don’t forget that you can stimulate the g-spot with the penis during penetration. The best way to do this is when you are on top of your partner because you can control the speed and intensity of stimulation.

Few Hot Body Spots on a Man’s Body

Both men and women have hot body spots, but the truth is that men unfortunately don’t have so many erotic points on their body as women. Some experts suggest that with the right way of touching, almost any part of women’s body can produce wild and sexy sensations. One of the reasons for that is the fact that women know and understand their body a little better than men. Moreover, some men claim that the only part of the body where they can feel sexual excitement when a woman touches them is their penis. However, the truth is that men can become excited in a matter of seconds even without a single touch. Men are visual creatures so they can sometimes get excited more from the things they see than anything else. This is one of the reasons why many men love sex with the lights on. Nevertheless, women need to find out more about the touches that can make their men feel ecstasy.

Many women complain that there is not enough foreplay and that men want to get into real action once they get rid of the clothes and underwear. But, have you ever wondered whether you have your own part in this situation or not? Are you really actively participating in the foreplay? If you are honest and you are not really active it is definitely time for some changes. You can always learn something new about male’s body even if you know your partner very well. Of course, we are talking about male erogenous points. The more obvious zones/points are the foreskin, glans penis, lips, buttocks, nipples and neck. This is something that most women know and that’s why we will present few less known erogenous zones which even your partner may not know about.

For example, only a small number of women and men know that the forearm can provide an exceptional experience and pleasure. The outer (upper) part of the forearm in men is extra sensitive because of the presence of small hair. The smooth underside of the forearm is filled with tense muscles that require stimulation and relaxation. If you want to stimulate this area place your hands on his forearm – fingers on the lower part of the forearm and the thumbs on the upper part. Use your fingers to gently massage the forearm. The combination of physical contact and relaxation will encourage your partner to continue with more intimate contact.

Another good way to stimulate your partner is the area located inside of the thighs. This is another very sensitive area and stimulating this area almost never fails. Spread his legs apart and starts with a massage that starts from the knees and ends near the penis. In this way you will direct the flow of blood to the penis and enhance the arousal. Your partner will get a really strong erection after few minutes.

Finally, you can explore the lower back area located just over the line between the buttocks. A strong massage will please any man. Just make sure that you tell him that you won’t do anything else back there but a massage in that small area. Once the procedure is over your partner will feel relaxed and more flexible which is certainly important for a good sex session.

How To Turn On Your Partner While Being Away

Even if you are together, there might be moments when you are away from each other, and thus, you could use a few tips in which you can turn on your partner. In this way you will keep the relationship interesting, having the possibility to bring something new and exciting that will improve the things between you two. After all, there will always be room for something better. If you want to learn how to keep things interesting while being away you should stay here and keep reading. In this way you will have the opportunity to try something new and to improve your sexual relationship.

Here you have a list with a few tips that might help you in different kind of situations. Maybe you have heard about some of them without having the courage to try them. However, right now you have the possibility to take a chance and to try something new and exciting.

1)      Sexy photos

One of the most important ways in which you can raise the interest of your partner is by sending sexy photos. In this way you will show that you want more from the relationship and that you are willing to try new things. Now you have to choose the parts of your body you want to photograph. If you are going to send the pictures online you should know your partner and you should avoid capturing your face in the photo.

2)      Sex phone

This is a very old, and yet very effective practice that has passed the test of time. It is enough to make a few sexy sounds in order to turn on your partner. You can describe everything you are doing, or you can give instructions to the other one. In this way you can play a game of control whose only purpose is the sexual pleasure of the couple.

3)      Streaming games

If you want to play streaming games you will need to use a webcam. In this way you will have the visual factor that will help both of you to be turned on. You can play a game in which each one of you has to answer some questions. The losers will have to take off a piece of clothing. You can take this game even further by stimulating yourself while watching your partner doing the same thing. This might be a unique experience that will spice the things between you two.

4)      Send pictures with your lingerie

If your partner is away you can send him a few snapshots with your lingerie. In this he will know what is waiting him back home. After this he will want to be with you even more, and thus, the pleasure will be bigger.

5)      Sending sexts

Sexts will always have their place in any relationship. There are many people who have tried it at least once in their lives, and there are many more who will try it.

The Power of Sexual Fantasies

According to many sexual health experts, sexual fantasies are completely natural, universal psychological phenomenon which is similar to daydreaming. Just like dreaming, some sexual fantasies are fun and satisfying while others can cause unpleasant feelings.

This kind of daydreaming comes quite naturally in both men and women, regardless of the motives and drives. Sexual fantasies that enhance self-esteem and intimacy with our partner are the ones that we crave for the most. Each of us should deepen our knowledge and understanding of our own intimate thoughts, because the more we know about sexual fantasies the more firmer stance we will built on our sexual desires in reality.

The range of sexual fantasies is really great. Nothing can set limitations besides the imagination and fear and fear should definitely be out of the picture. No matter how dangerous and odd some of your sexual fantasies looks never take them literally and seriously. Sometimes,  if you imagine having sex with your neighbor or even your boss this doesn’t mean that you really want to have sex with them or seduce them.

Women are more inclined to sexual fantasies because they make them feel sexy. They can also help them reach orgasm easier and satisfy their curiosity and relax. Sexual fantasies are something really intimate and it can definitely make anyone feel relaxed. It is good to point out that men don’t have an exclusive right to sexual fantasies. Numerous studies have shown that men fantasize about sex two times more than women, but this doesn’t mean that women don’t use their imagination. It is also interesting that male fantasies usually include raw physical action, while women’s fantasies are more romantic and emotional. Erotic daydreaming can encourage passion in both women and men. Women who often fantasize about sex are more likely to have sex. They also seem to enjoy more while having sex.

If your long-term relationship or marriage have fallen into a well known routine and the sexual tension is lost somewhere between your duties on work and concerns about the future of your household, it might be a good idea to try to use your imagination. This doesn’t mean that you are getting away from your partner or that you are creating your own fantasy world. This situation is exactly the opposite because sexual fantasies help you understand what you are looking for and what you are missing. If you trust your partner, feel free to share your thoughts without any fear because there is a good chance that he is fantasizing too. As we have mentioned before this is a natural phenomenon.

As many experts claim, women who have found the right way to fantasize have boost the libido and they have also increased their self-confidence even after performing mastectomy or similar surgical intervention.

Bu accepting sexual fantasies and other roles that we assign in our thoughts, we become freer and we accept these thoughts that accelerate our heart rate without any shame. Sexual fantasies can be very beneficial if we accept them with an open mind.

Smoking And Sexual Health

Most anyone knows that smoking is bad for you. It can damage the lungs, the heart, the brain, the kidneys and most any organ of the human body. A whole lot of diseases have extremely higher potential to appear in a person that’s actively smoking. But even though people know this, some of them go on with the bad habit. Trying to convince these people to quit smoking is like trying to convince an elephant to play basketball. But either way, we must push on with the battle to eradicate this horrible habit that’s endangering the lives of millions upon millions of hapless people.

And the nail in coffin might just prove to be… the effect of smoking on sexual health. We all know by now that smoking steadily destroys the heart and its capacity to pump out blood effectively. This translates into many bad symptoms that a body experiences, but not to say the least it is harmful for the sex life. There have been dozens of credible scientific studies that confirm this notion. One of these studies measured the sexual potential of men that were smoking while the research was conducted, and the potential of non-smokers.  What they found out was that the smoker group had 73% higher chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction – a bad condition that may very well destroy a man’s self-esteem.

Moreover, once achieved, the quality of the erection faltered as well. This meant that the erection was of lower strength and size, and lasted for a shorter time period. This can spell death to your sex life. However, if you’re a smoker, don’t get so disappointed and think that it’s impossible to improve your sex life from now on. Namely, there was a third group in the aforementioned study, and it consisted of men who were smokers when the research begun, but had given their best to quit smoking at the end of the study. The results were again fascinating – this new group of men have improved their chances of achieving and maintaining a firm, hard erection by a whopping 65%!

So quit smoking while you still can, because it will serve you in the long run. Your sex life will thank you for it, among many other aspects of your life that will be improved as well.

However, some people find smoking actually stimulating in a sexual way. While smoking can do nothing but harm for the body, it sure can make the mind horny. Some people actually have a cigarette fetish and get turned on when they see a member of their opposite sex smoking. There’s nothing wrong in this per se, it just is.  But if you’re one of these people that get turned on by cigarettes, try to think about the tenfold increase in mortality risks and many diseases risks for a smoker, when you’re up about it. It will definitely shake you up out of that mentality.

In the end, we’ll agree that smoking is bad. If you just decide to lose the habit, then you’ll find out your life improving in many ways. And finally, you’d be able to have better sex!

Safe Contraception Options: Who Should Use Protection

Who should use protection, men or women? It is an interesting question. Sex, contraception options and protection are mutual responsibility. Both men and women should know how to choose the right method. Both of them should think about their own and their partner’s health and well-being. It is not enough if one partner is responsible: both parties should know how to prevent pregnancy. Safe sex is not a matter that you can shrug away, saying that your partner is on the pill and it is not your problem. Contraception pill may not solve sexual problem and not forget about the side effect.

Honesty, Trust, Contraception Options and Your Health

Is your partner honest with you? Does your female partner tell you that she takes birth control pills – and is it true? Probably she has side-thoughts and she thinks it is time to settle down and have a baby, so she has just “forgotten” about her birth control pills. Maybe she is the happy-go-lucky one and she has skipped one or two days, so now both of you are at risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Has your male partner told you that he has undergone vasectomy, so he is perfectly safe for you; but what about sexually transmitted diseases? Would your partner tell you if they had some minor infection? Do you know your partner well? Are you in a serious relationship, based on trust? Are you into one-night stands or short-lived relationships? These questions are not moral issues. They have a lot to do with your health. Never leave protection to your partner! Whatever he or she says, make sure that you do your best to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or an infection. Has he had a vasectomy? Is she on the pill? Great. You should still use protection. Combined contraception options are safe. If he did have a vasectomy, you still can take your birth control pills and ask him to use a condom.

Prevent Pregnancy: Choose the Right Method

While hormonal contraception is unbeatable when it comes to avoiding unwanted pregnancy, do not completely dismiss barrier methods. Condoms protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, and even some kind of cancers like cervical cancer.

Prefer male condoms over female condoms. Male condoms have a lowest failure rate of the barrier methods. Use a condom with spermicide. Never restrict your protection methods to female condoms alone! They have the highest failure rate of all birth control methods (with the exception of coitus interruptus, the withdrawal method). For instance, diaphragms are not reliable when you want to avoid pregnancy. Neither do they protect you from the diseases of the upper genital tract.

The safest way of having sex is when both partners use some kind of protection. For women, combined oral contraceptive pills, implants, combined injections, intrauterine devices are the safest methods, and, of course, the irreversible methods: hysterectomy, tubal ligation, and essure. They should also insist on using a condom. For men, vasectomy and lubricated latex condoms will be the safest way (make sure that you use water-based lubes and avoid oil-based lubes that may damage the condom). They can use plastic wrap when giving oral sex to their partner. Oral sex may seem safe, but it can lead to ugly surprises – for instance, human papilloma virus that can cause serious sexual health issues.