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Sex Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

A clear definition of premature ejaculation is: an act to reach orgasm the instance you penetrate, begin thrusting and you immediately cum without having scheduled or set your mind that you are about to orgasm.

As you will come to learn; every time you are engaging in sexual activity, you need to remember you are the person that is in control and it is only you who is able to plan, monitor and be in a position where you control your orgasm reaching the peak point where you are ready to burst.


Lasting Longer

During our teenage days extending to early youth years, our hormones made it very difficult not to get too excited and our excitement was too much that our emotions run amuck. Immediately after reaching the peak point of losing control of our emotions then it’s just a matter of time that we lose the race.

First and foremost, since we have established that emotions make us cum to early, the most critical thing to do here is be in control of our emotions, but this is something that is way much easily said than it gets done. Let’s look at a few ways we can keep our emotions in check and lasting longer in bed.


The Pre-Fire

It is common knowledge that a higher percentage of men last longer during sexual intercourse the second time round that we did the first time. If you are a fellow that is able to regain their hard on quickly, the best thing is to take advantage of this point and start off your sexual spree by pre-firing.

Thankfully, pre-firing is something that you can do on your own or with a lady friend. Many that suffering from premature ejaculation have perfected the art of pre-firing before they engage in an encounter with their lady.

For guys that are able to pre-fire without too much effort, as you engage in foreplay it is possible to rub one out as you tune your lady friend and the chance you regain your sexual energy, you will ride her like a horse!

Note: never try rushing or will yourself to reload. The best thing to do is relax, forget about the act and concentrate on entertaining your lady friend and within a very short period of time, things will span out naturally.


Condoms A Gift To Manhood

Condoms are a great feature that help many men last longer in bed. That said however, double bagging is a serious no, no. double bagging actually increases premature ejaculation and you will have no need of using them anyway.

Get yourself a numbing lube, however, make sure that the lube goes on the inside of the condom. But this is only a short term solution as it will wear out as soon as you start using it.

The lube will give you a short time solution and bang your lady friend’s brains out, since you will not be aroused. The instance the lube wears off, you will now have the chance to finish.

5 Ways of Preventing Disagreements in Your Relationship

It is generally agreed that a love relationship is like a sea. There are times when water in the sea is very calm and times when it is very turbulent. Look at it differently; a typhoon does not build up in an instance. It takes some time for a typhoon to build up steadily before becoming a massive force that destroys everything, however mighty, in its path.

Just in the same way that you can tell when sea water is about to become turbulent or when a typhoon is approaching, you should be able to tell when things are not going right in your relationship. The following five ways should help you prevent serious disagreements that can easily ruin your relationship. Order maxidus

  1. Presence – Ours is definitely a fast-paced life. We rush out in the mornings only to return completely exhausted and in some instances stressed. Your man or woman will certainly want to find you to at least share with you his/her day’s frustrations. This makes being present when he/she returns very important. Coming home long after he/she had arrived and bringing up an issue can simply make the situation worse. You may just start up a disagreement whose outcome is unknown.
  2. Consultation – There is nothing important as consulting your partner whenever you plan to undertake a project. This particularly applies when yours is a marriage relationship. Having different priorities can lead to serious disagreements at home. It is therefore only appropriate that you consult your partner with the aim of getting him/her to buy into your idea before you proceed.
  3. Avoid arguments – Engaging in unnecessary arguments with your partner has the negative effect of raising emotions that encourage violence. Issues that require discussion between the two of you should only be raised when everything is calm. The tone of your voice when you raise such issues also matters a great deal.
  4. Diplomacy – It is very important to foretell when a serious disagreement is about to rock your relationship. It pays to be proactive rather than reactive to anything issue that come up between the two of you. More importantly, you should be able to foretell if an issue you are bout to bring up will lead to a serious disagreement. If so, consider employing diplomacy in which case you talk to a close respected family friend to approach your partner on the same.
  5. Sacrifice – Maintaining a healthy relationship can be a serious challenge especially when you are not mentally prepared to effectively handle everything that goes into making a relationship healthy. It can be very demanding to maintain a healthy relationship. Indeed, your partner may not appreciate everything you do to make your relationship healthy and fruitful. This is why it is important that you always sacrifice for the sake of your relationship regardless of how bad a situation may be.

It is no secret that relationships can be very tricky depending on your partner, economic engagement and environment. You need to have the necessary skills, values and knowledge of steering your relationship to another level. Order libidus

Pregnancy over age 35

For women that are pregnant and they are over 35 years old, and especially for those who are over 40 years old prenatal care is very important. The risk of developing higher blood pressure or even diabetes is much bigger. In addition, there is a great risk that the newborn child could be suffering from genetic disorders like Down syndrome for example. Many women think that as they grow older they are getting wiser and that is true for some things, but there is a high probability that if they get pregnant they could become overprotective for their unborn child and they can also be overprotective when the child is born. The reason behind this behavior is simple.

Younger mothers are not very scared with this whole process because they don’t have such experience and they learn on their own, they even don’t have friends who have experience with pregnancy and raising children. However when you are over 35 you usually have a safe job and steady life and focusing your energy on such a noble thing as motherhood looks like a useful change. Most of the people in that age are financially independent and they have time to focus on the child instead of looking a way to earn money. However, older parents have other challenges like – they are paying too much attention to their children and tend to spoil them because they have the time and the money and they are ready to focus all their attention to the child.

Health Issues

Now let’s get back on the health issues. Fatigue is considered to be a normal part of every person’s life and that’s no different during the time of pregnancy and even after the pregnancy. But the fact that you don’t have much energy can be compensated in another way. Older parents are more patient and they don’t get upset easily.

Besides fatigue there are few other problems that older women who want to get pregnant or those who are already pregnant face. For example, older women have difficulties to get pregnant because their fertility declines as they get older and what is constantly increasing are the chances of medical complications during pregnancy.

According to some statistics 2 out of 10 pregnant women that are over 35 years old are experiencing spontaneous abortion. Another problem that is present among older pregnant women is the so – called placenta previa. This is a situation when the placenta is implanted over or near the internal cervical entrance. In these cases a sudden bleeding in the vagina can be noticed.

Very often newborn children of older women have lower birth weight compared to those born by younger women. Just like any other pregnancy avoiding products like alcohol or tobacco can positively affect the weight of the newborn child. As we have mentioned before the risk of Down syndrome in newborn children is much higher. That risk is around ten times higher.

Many older women think that they can’t affect the risk factors but the truth is that with proper exercises, healthy diet during and after pregnancy they can avoid all these risks.

Frequency of sexual intercourses

There a lot of people who ask themselves if they are having too much sex or maybe they are having less sexual intercourses then the others. The frequency of sexual intercourses is always good if both partners are satisfied with it. This means that the frequency of sexual intercourse is not something that we should compare with other couples of individuals. Furthermore, you can’t find any strict guidance about how much sex is enough and that is exactly the beauty of sex – we are not following any rules and we should not feel it as some kind of everyday obligation.

However there are some numbers that are considered to be “normal”. The common frequency of sexual intercourse is around two to three times a week. However there are many people who practice sex even more. Some people are guided strictly by their own schedules while others enjoy spontaneous sex. If you are having sex less than two times a week this doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. If your partner is happy and you are happy and the whole sexual act is passionate then you don’t need to be worried about anything.  On the other hand if you feel bad about the infrequent sexual intercourses you should talk honestly about that with your partner.

People who practice only vaginal sex should know that they should be prepared to fewer orgasms compared to those who are ready to do some experiments like oral sex, masturbation or different types of sex games, because all these experiments can cause a lot more orgasms. This also means that the second group of people is most likely to have sex more frequently because of the bigger excitement.

You should always be open minded and seek your own sexual combination which depends on your reactions: if only one of you needs more sex, his or her needs can be satisfied with additional techniques and align those needs with your own.

Of course you should be aware that over the years the frequency decreases but there is no age in which you wouldn’t want to surprise yourself in some occasions. That’s why you should not feel miserable because of the frequency of your sexual intercourses and don’t worry if your friends tell you that they are having much more sex than you.

Remember that sex is not a game in which you have to collect points every time you have sex. You must be aware that there can be some periods in your life and in the life of your partner where you won’t feel the need of sex that much. There can be different causes for this situation but that doesn’t mean that you should put pressure on each other. Sexual drive is not something constant and that desire starts to fade with the years.

After all, the frequency of sexual intercourses is usually determined by the level of some chemical processes that take part in our bodies. That’s why, as the years go by, you should pay more attention on building a solid emotional connection with your partner in order to ignite sexual desire between the two of you.

5 Sexy Ideas To Avoid

Whether married, dating or simply in a love relationship, there are times when you will have the feeling or develop the urge to spice up your relationship. While doing so is perfectly in order, to what extent you can go to spice up your relationship matters a great deal. This is so because you do not wish to live to regret any of your actions. You need to consider all possible risks involved before you embark on any action you take even when an action that action seems harmless. Your mind should not even think of taking any of the following actions in an effort to spice up your relationship:

  1. Do not think of Sexting – Sexting has become very common among many in relationships and it is not surprising that married couples have also taken it up. Communicating with your partner through sexy text messages is not only fun; it has the positive effect of sexually turning-on your partner. Although sexing may seem harmless, you seriously need to ponder how your partner will handle your sexy message regardless of how much you trust him/her. It can indeed be worse for you in case yours is not a steady relationship that can breakup at any time. Just how will he/she portray you after you break up? Your guilt may haunt you for the rest of your life.
  2. Do not think of engaging in threesome –Like with Sexting, sex between three people can be both fun and very memorable. It can actually be a great way to spice up your relationship. The fact that at least two of you will be of the same gender makes it very complicated. This is because of the risk of one of you developing feelings of jealousness, which can simply ruin your otherwise healthy relationship. Furthermore, a threesome is simply risky since you do not know whether the other two engage in threesome with others you do not know.
  3. Do not think of posing nude – One great way to spice up your relationship is to take sexy photos that you both share as partners. Sexy photos can indeed be a treasure especially in a relationship full of trust and commitment and it is not surprising that sexy lifestyle photography is now big business around the world. You need to avoid posing nude at all costs especially if yours is not a marriage relationship. This is because you never know what your partner who you are not married to may do with your nude photos in case you break up.
  4. Do not think of having a one-night stand – The thought of having sex with someone you know little about or one do not know at all can be very attractive, what with the hidden promise of experiencing the fun that comes along with “stolen sex”? The outcome may just be the opposite one instead of the fun you thought you would have. In addition to being a risky escapade, you stand a high risk of suffering shame and loss of respect should you cross paths with the “culprit” again. The same goes with having a night-stand with someone you know; you will not shake off the guilt.
  5. Do not think of having sex in the shower – Having sex in the shower is a practice by many couples, both married and unmarried alike. Although very enticing and fun, having sex in the shower does not only affect your emotions, it can be physically dangerous in case you have not taken necessary precautions such as having no-slip stickers on the shower to prevent slipping.

This is however not to say that you should not strive to spice up your relationship. Do so only after assessing risks involved and choosing whether or not you can live with the same.

Exercises That Will Help You Last Longer

If you would like to increase you lasting power as you make love to your girl, there are simple but very effective exercise routines that you must commit to. They include the following…


Puboccoccygenus Muscles (PC)

The PC muscle which is also recognised as the Sex muscle is the muscle that falls in between the scrotum and the anus. If you wish to have intense orgasms, you must have sturdier PC muscles and the stronger the PC you have the firmer the erection you will have.

Then again, a stronger PC muscle will also help you treat impotence and prevent Erectile Dysfunction and it becomes possible to uphold harder erection for extended phases of time logically and you will not have use for any oils, pills or creams that last just minutes before you get flaccid and suffer from long term effects.


PC Exercises help Lasting Longer In Bed

Go ahead and stretch your PC muscles at-least 100 times on a daily basis. The beautiful thing with this kind of exercise is; you are able to stretch your PC muscles throughout TV commercials, in the shower, at the gym even when you are having a meal without getting noticed.

The location, time and place do not really matter as no one will know that you are exercising your PC muscles. To do the best form of these exercises, do not tighten your abs too much, try and flex you abs slightly.

The very first thing you ought to do in the a.m. after waking up is flexing your PC muscle in the very minimum ten times continuously in a moderate pace. After every time you should rest for at-least ten seconds and again repeat this process till you reach ten times.

Do your best and stretch and hold the PC muscle for five seconds, rest for another five seconds and repeat the process over and over again. As you continue with your day, try your best and flex your PC muscles as much as you can. This exercise will help you lasting longer in bed.


Drop Belly Weight

Doing exercise routines will help you drop the excessive fat in your belly. The exercise routine will help you come to a point where thrusting your manhood deeper as you make love will be possible. Again, losing belly fat means that your penis will now look larger and you will have gained more sexual sureness.


These are some of the best exercise forms. As you run or jog, you will clear any stress that might be occupying your cognizance and you will be working out your whole body at the same time. Jogging aids in keep your strengths trim and tight enough and your Kegel exercises will be extremely effective.

How can over masturbation hurt your health?

If you have read about the positive effects of masturbation and you think that you should practice it as much as you can then you are wrong. Although masturbation is part of our natural sexuality and part of the lives of almost every men and women, over masturbation can have negative impact on our sexual health. So, how exactly can over masturbation hurt our health?

Over masturbation can cause both physical and emotional issues. For example if you are practicing excessive masturbation after a certain period you will start to feel discomfort and pain in the genital area. Those who don’t stop at the first signs might get physical injuries that are clearly visible. These are obvious signs of over masturbation.

Some people seem to have need for repeated masturbation. These people unconsciously masturbate in what appears a pattern of series. They are not doing this in order to achieve sexual satisfaction but rather to stress out and start feeling relaxed. If you notice that you are starting to masturbate when you are feeling tensed and stresses and tend to repeat that every time you feel like that, it looks like you are masturbating only to avoid stressful situations which is wrong.  You will start thinking that masturbation is a solution for all your emotional problems and you won’t deal with those problems in a proper way.

In some cases people feel depressed and lonely after masturbation. If you feel discomfort after that, you should think about emotional state, because masturbation is a way to explore your own sexuality and it should make you satisfied not miserable after you are finished.

Masturbation is practiced by people that are single as well as by people who are in a serious relationship. But excessive masturbation might separate you from your partner if you are in a sexual relationship. The same goes for those who are single – you might feel lesser need to be romantically involved with another person. This comes as a direct result of creating your own fantasy world in which you have the main role and you don’t need anyone else. This feeling is very unhealthy and could lead to some serious psychological disorders.

People have different feelings when they are finished with the masturbation. Most of them feel relaxed and satisfied while others might feel embarrassed.  If you feel embarrassed you should find the reasons for that, but before you start with that search stop masturbating because it might ruin your self-confidence.

If you can’t stop thinking about masturbation throughout the day, this is a clear sign that something is wrong with you. For example, you are out shopping but you still think about masturbation, this means that masturbation is starting to interrupt your everyday activities. Obsession is bad thing.

You should also know that masturbation can cause addiction. If you feel that you don’t stop with masturbation whenever you want than there is a high possibility that you are addicted. In cases like these you should seek advice from your doctor.

Improve your fertility in a natural way

A lot of couples today have problems conceiving a child. Couples who try to conceive for a longer period, become depressed and frustrated because no matter how hard they try that can’t succeed. This situation can even lead to problems in the relationship.

Luckily there are some things that can help every person when it comes to conceiving. The good news is that all these things are natural and easy to perform.

First of all, your partner and you should quit smoking. There are numerous studies that have proven that smokers have lower sperm quality and less sperm in general. Smoking affects women too. Women smokers have bigger chances to become infertile. When it comes to fertility therapies, smokers have to follow therapies with more medications than non-smokers. Even passive smoking can be very bad for your health and that’s why both partners must stay away from tobacco. No matter when you have started smoking, you should know that once you quit smoking your health will start to improve. So, stay away from cigarettes and you will conceive much faster.

Many people don’t see the connection between their diet and conceiving. The truth is that food is really important in this process. It is a known fact that many couples who don’t eat properly have troubles conceiving a baby. Many people are not aware that their diet is wrong because they don’t feel bad. However you should be sure that there are plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. These products act as antioxidants which are especially important in our body’s fight against free radicals. Besides that, men should consume more vitamin E and C, vitamins that increase the number of sperm cells and their flexibility. When we talk about women, those women who are overweight should consider losing some pounds because obesity could be a serious problem in this process. Every few pounds that you lose will increase the chance of conceiving.

Don’t forget to relax. Stress is becoming number one factor for appearance of all kind of diseases and it also affects fertility in a negative way. Find a way to relieve stress. Learn how to cope with stress and use some relaxation methods.

According to some experts having sex at least three times a week is the perfect routine if you want to get pregnant. Ovulation can vary and that’s why It is sometimes hard to tell when is the best time for conceiving. If you practice sex at least three times a week you will be sure that you won’t miss that period.

If you are taking some medications make sure that they don’t affect your fertility. The only logical thing to do in such cases is to replace one medication with another and see the results. Try to see if there are some alternatives that include zinc and folic acid in them.

Having a good night sleep is another proven way to increase chances of pregnancy. So make sure you get enough sleep during the night and occasionally take a nap during the day.

Few Things That You Should Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common hormonal disorders among women in reproductive age. We are talking about multitude of small cysts that can usually be found on the edges of the ovary. It is still unknown how and why polycystic ovaries appear but it is considered that the hormonal changes are one of the main reasons for that.

One of the causes of development of polycystic ovary syndrome is the excessive amount of androgen hormones produced by adrenal glands and ovaries. These androgen hormones are closely related with estrogen. Many women during their adolescence period are suffering from polycystic ovaries which is manifested with prolonged and irregular menstrual cycles, overweight, acnes, unusual bodily hair growth etc. However it is good to know that there are many women who never or rarely experience periods of troubles with polycystic ovaries. There are also women who never had problems with such ovaries when they were young, but started to develop this syndrome later.

There are two most noticeable symptoms of this syndrome. The first symptom is a disrupted menstrual cycle. Polycystic ovaries can cause menstrual cycle to last longer than 30 days but it can also make it disappear. Another symptom is hair growth on unusual places for women – their chin for example and overall excessive body hair growth. The reason for this is the higher amount of androgen hormones like testosterone.

No matter what symptoms you might notice you should definitely perform a gynecological examination. Early diagnosis of this syndrome means that you will be able to deal with it more easily. If you start treating this syndrome later you might suffer from some permanent damages.

So what exactly causes these polycystic ovaries? There are many causes and some of them include: taking excessive amounts of insulin (it can increase the level of androgen hormones), abnormal fetal development, hereditary characteristics (there is a high possibility to develop polycystic ovary syndrome if your mother or grandmother had it too), smoldering inflammation (bad diet and bad lifestyle can trigger inflammations and protection from white cells which deplete the body) and more.

Besides these causes, polycystic ovary syndrome is linked with few medical issues such as: diabetes, high level of cholesterol and lipids, high blood pressure, insomnia, excessive amount of C-reactive protein, excessive bleeding during the menstrual period, endometrial cancer caused by exposure to large amounts of estrogen, gestational diabetes etc.

All these medical problems should be taken seriously no matter if they are directly or indirectly linked with polycystic ovary syndrome. Make sure you consult your doctor and certain specialists. Gynecologist will certainly know how to advise you about polycystic ovary syndrome. They can give you several treatment options like – regulation of menstrual cycle with birth control pills, help with ovulation with anti-estrogen medications or hormonal injections, help with hair growth problem with certain contraceptive pills etc. In most serious cases, a surgery is the most helpful solution. The procedure is called laparoscopic surgery of ovaries that will help women to ovulate and conceive.

Dealing with Premature Ejaculation

For once, let us be honest with ourselves (Us men). Out of every ten of us, four of us have to deal with the distasteful subject of premature ejaculation. Like we are all aware (men) our sexual confidence and also our ability to last longer in bed are birds of a feather…

Hence the reason why we are often gripped with fear when our ability of pleasing and pleasuring our ladies in the bedroom is called into question! The less we are able to perform in the bedroom, the more our confidence gets bruised.

To make matters even worse, many fellows still shy off from sexual sessions thanks to the underlying embarrassment of climaxing rather too soon. But as much as premature ejaculation is a problem that is consistently embarrassing to deal with, what many men fail to realize is, that this is a problem that they can easily overcome, and over come naturally!

One of the many reasons why men climax too soon is the way they focus on too much on the time frame that they need to last while having sex. We have a huge problem as men, why you ask? Because we often worry about the fact that it is near impossible for us to last in bed as long as the male actors in a porn movie.

We focus on this problem till we forget that, sex that lasts for a long period of time, can be extremely painful and very uncomfortable for the lady you having the romp with.

The way our beautiful ladies bodies are built is, the lubrication in their vagina at most times dries up when you thrust in and out progressively. So guess the question here is; what is the magical number?  The fortunate thing is, in a majority of the cases, for sex to be considered satisfying, you only need to last as long as a five minute YouTube Clip!

Anywhere between three to five minutes, minus the time you spend on foreplay. To make sure you get your woman to a point where she have sexual satisfaction, heighten her arousal by giving her top end female arousal and reach her sexual fulfilment get away!

Stop Premature Ejaculation

Again, due to our ignorance, a majority of us overlook this very easy strategy and it is an effective strategy that would do wonders to help us stop premature ejaculation. Actually it has been proven that one of the greatest ways of getting rid of Premature Ejaculation Permanently is by laying focus on sensitive as well as enhanced sexual arousal on our female partners first.

You should as well consider giving your lady enough foreplay and in a sensitive way touching her G-spot and most sensitive parts such as the clitoris and augment the chances of her achieving orgasm and orgasm quite first!

Unlike us (the men) women have been built to carry a number of erogenous areas all over her body. Learning where these hotspots are will help you make her become aroused extremely fast. Now pay attention to these hot spots.


Teach yourself how to make your lady friend reach her orgasm before you start making love. The more she climax the more confident you become and the higher your stamina will be boosted. Another trick to help your stop premature ejaculation!