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Few Ways To Treat Erectile Problems

Treatment of erectile problems and dysfunction has reached its peak with the discovery of drugs like Viagra. However, there are few other ways that can help people that are suffering from this unpleasant condition.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are all pills that treat erectile problems in the same way – they release the sponge tissue in the penis (the penis muscle) which allows easier blood flow in the organ. The most popular of these drugs is of course Viagra, but just like the other drugs, Viagra is not recommended for men that are suffering from heart disease or those who have problems with their blood vessels or high blood pressure. The effects of Viagra can be noticed after only 15 minutes while it takes up to 30 minutes to feel the same with Cialis. However, the first drug promises results that can last up to eight hours, while Cialis lasts a little bit longer. According to the manufacturers Cialis can last for 36 hours which makes it very convenient for those who don’t want to be limited with time. Thanks to all these pills, men can achieve more powerful and stronger erections because of the improved blood flow. Using these pills is generally safe but it is always a good idea to consult with a doctor before using them.

Those who find oral intake of these drugs inefficient can choose injection treatment. In his way the drugs will be taken with an injection that is shot in the base or on the side of the penis. The good thing is that men can use these injections while they are at home, because the doctor will provide the necessary instructions. It will take only 10 minutes to see the results.

People that are afraid of injections can use penis suppositories. Just like injections, they are using the drug Alprostadil in order to remove the erectile problems.  These suppositories are very thin and they are inserted into the penis or the ureter to be more precise. The only problem with this method as well as the one using injections is the fact that the sex is less spontaneous. The need to take an injection or place a suppository in the penis right before the sex is a little bit complicated.

Erectile pumps are another option. These devices can increase the blood flow in the penis which leads to strong erection. In addition, you can use penis rings that will keep the erection longer. These rings should not be used for more than 30 minutes. If you are experiencing any kind of pain and coldness remove the ring immediately.

Modern medicine is using implants in different areas of the human body. Penis implants are also available for people that want to achieve stronger erection.

Surgery is another way to deal with erectile problems. This is the last option for patients that tried all the other methods and failed to solve the problem. The surgery is performed on the blood vessels in the penis.

Premature Ejaculation the Monster Issue

In all honesty, a majority of men, actually out of ten six of us deal with the ill-fated matter of premature ejaculation. For a majority of us, our sexual sureness not forgetting the aptitude to last long in bed are a birds of a same feather.

Our prowess in bed determines the ability of pleasuring and pleasing our women, and if we are suffering from premature ejaculation, this ability becomes questionable and it leads to our egos getting bruised. To make it worse, plenty of us men shy away from making love to our women owing to the embarrassing epidemic that is premature ejaculation…

That said however; as much as it causes us embarrassment, premature ejaculation is a problem that many men can overcome easily without too much hassle! How you ask? Well, let’s find out…


The Magic Figure Illusion

Unfortunately, most men emphasis too much of their love making session on the length (period in time) they ought to last. Let’s say it truthfully, it’s very impossible for normal men to last the length porn actor do.

But did you know that penetration that lasts long is very uncomfortable and causes your lovely lady to feel pain in the region? Yes this is true. Vaginal lubrication at often time dries up due to pro-longed thrusting.

So this brings us to the elephant in the room… What is the magic figure? Well, many experts and many men that have heeded advice all confess that when it comes to penetration and thrusting, intercourse needs to stay the length of your favourite clip on YouTube (Music Video) to be recorded as satisfying.

Excluding foreplay, sexual intercourse that lasts between three to five minutes is good. However, you need to master the art of intensifying female stimulation and you will definitely find the entry to your lady’s sexual fulfilment…

Sadly though; a majority of men tend to overlook this very easy strategy as a means of stop premature ejaculation. Focusing on your lady’s heightening and accelerating her arousal is one of the finest ways to beat premature ejaculation.

You need to master the art of sufficient foreplay and let it work its magic and effectively improve your lady’s ability of achieving an orgasm, extremely fast!


The Mystery about Women

Unlike us men, women do have various erogenous areas that are situated at various points in their bodies. These are all hotspots which when realized and worked correctly will make your lady get aroused quickest.

If you master the craft of performing foreplay and giving your lady multiple orgasms before intercourse, you find a natural confidence that will increase your strength and get over your performance anxiety and ride her like a stallion….

Anejaculation – definition and treatment

Orgasm in men is accompanied with release of semen. For many men sex act without ejaculation is something they can’t imagine and they really enjoy that part of the sex act. Men are very sensitive when it comes to their sperm. They always keep track of its color, smell, in some cases taste, the amount of sperm and even with the power of ejaculation. Every ancient culture was interested in this liquid and they usually paid special attention and gave significance to it. Consequently, weak ejaculation or inability of ejaculation was considered as a weakness and loss of manhood. As you can see sperm has played a significant role even before scientists in the second half of the 18th century were able to prove that sperm actually fertilizes eggs. The prejudices that men have about their sperm causes a lot of problems even today. These prejudices and misconceptions are often boosted by movies with pornographic content in which usually men have incredibly strong ejaculations.

Anejaculation is a term used to describe the inability of sperm secretion. This situation can be caused by both physical and mental difficulties. In these cases a man produces quality sperm but this sperm is unable to leave the penis. This means that the man suffering from anejaculation is not sterile. Furthermore, in most of the cases of anejaculation men have the ability to achieve orgasm.

When it comes to physical causes of anejaculation in most cases the reason is neurological damages. Another reason that is often causing problems like these is diabetes.

Anejaculation caused by mental causes is a little bit different. In most cases psychological anejaculation is accompanied with inability to have orgasm. This type of anejaculation can be temporal or occasional. Occasional, means that a man can ejaculate in some situations while in others he is completely unable to ejaculate. These cases usually occur because of some specific situations or because of the partner with whom the man has sex. The best way to check if the anejaculation is happening because of certain situations is by performing masturbation. Usually men don’t have any problems ejaculating while they masturbate but they can’t ejaculate when they are having actual sexual intercourse. In many cases relaxation can affect very positively on occasional anejaculation. When we talk about complete anejaculation it is important to understand that the men suffering from this type of anejaculation can’t ejaculate while they are awake, but they ejaculate at night while they are sleeping. This type of anejaculation has some deep roots and the best option for people that are suffering from it is to visit a doctor, possibly a psychiatrist.

In order to properly treat anejaculation you should first determine the source that is causing it. Only when the right cause is determined the treatment can begin. Some of the methods of treatment include – psychotherapies, drugs and electro treatment. Of course, when the cause of anejaculation is some physical injury visiting a therapist or undergoing a surgery is the best option.

Learn more about andropause – male menopause

If you are interested in sexual health and even if you are not, you have probably read something about female menopause. But articles about male menopause or andropause are very rare. Here are some of the things that you should know about andropause.

As you can see the word andropause sounds very similar to menopause and it comes from the Greek words Andros which means Man and Pausis which means End while menopause means end of the menstrual periods. It is worth mentioning that the term andropause is not widely accepted and there are still discussions if it should be used or not.

Whether the term is accepted or not, doesn’t change the fact that there are around 40% of men around 45 to 55 years old that have to deal with andropause. The first signs can be noticed when a man turns 30 years. It is a hormonal change that affects the sensitivity. During the process of aging, men produce less androgen. It is interesting that male and female menopauses have a lot in common and the main difference is that female menopause is a lot more researched. The reason might be the sense of loss of manhood that men feel during this period.

There are some clear symptoms that point to andropause and some of them include – loss or decrease of erection, lack of libido, fatigue, lethargy, depression, irritability, loss of bone mass, nervousness, muscle and joint aches, night sweats, frequent urination, osteoporosis, stress, cardiac arrhythmias, weight gain etc. Some men also feel more maternal, they become more sensitive and kinder.

Mend find very hard to deal with these things and their loss of manhood and that’s why they don’t want to talk about it. However, conversation is one of the most efficient methods for those who want to overcome the problems that andropause brings. You can talk with your friends, partner or doctor or talk with all of them. Just like in any other situation physical activity can be very helpful. And avoiding alcohol and tobacco can be useful too.

It often happens that both partners go through perimenopause simultaneously. This can be very stressful and in some cases devastating for the relationship. The changes in sexuality are very obvious – the erections are not that neither frequent nor predictable/powerful so the man can feel especially embarrassed especially if the woman becomes more imaginative or sexually active in the bed. The feeling of inability to satisfy the partner is constantly present. This situation can be resolved only through conversations. If they are having difficulties, a visit to a therapist is a must. After all they are experts and they have various methods that can help you. All these methods bring changes that can even strengthen the relationship.

Andropause should not be confused with midlife crisis which has its roots in sensibility and it is caused by emotions. Furthermore, midlife crisis usually occurs between 35 and 45 years while andropause usually occurs between 50 and 55 years.

How to deal with frigidity?

If you don’t have any sexual desire, you can’t get aroused and you can’t even dream of having an orgasm, you are probably suffering from frigidity.

But it’s important to determine if you are surely frigid. The term frigidity doesn’t apply in situations when the woman doesn’t enjoy the sexual intercourse when she is tired, sick, in periods when she has too much work, when she is with a partner that doesn’t excite her or in periods when she doesn’t have any private space. Many men don’t understand women and their sexuality. They think that women are always ready for sex and with little effort they can engage sexual activity. Some of them even think that the process can start as soon as the penis enters the vagina. That has nothing to do with frigidity; this only means that these men don’t understand female body and their partner. You are not suffering from frigidity if you are not ready to have sex every time your partner asks. If frigidity was all those things we have mentioned before, every woman in the world would be considered to be frigid. Frigidity is something very different and far more serious. To be more precise, a frigid woman is the one who loves her partner and is not afraid to try anything in sex but can’t really enjoy in it even though she tries hard to achieve pleasure with her partner.

Although some people compare frigidity with impotence, but the fact is that these two things are completely different. The most common cause for this condition is stress or even something more banal. It is important to understand that frigidity is an individual problem for every woman and that’s why you can hardly find a universal solution in some book or from an advice from a friend. Some rare cases of frigidity are very simple. Sometimes the reasons are some medications like birth control pills that cause low sex drive. Motherhood and pregnancy can be another reason for this. If the pain during the sexual intercourse is one of the reasons, you can find the solution to your problem by visiting a gynecologist. These problems are easily solvable and they are completely logical. If all these examples are not part of your problem and you have already talked honestly with your partner about your problem but the situation remains the same maybe it’s time to visit a therapist with whom you can share the problem. Sometimes a combination of physical and mental reasons might be the root of this problem. Find a successful therapist and start with the therapy. Remember that this process is often long.

However, there is one method that can be used before you visit a specialist and that’s exploring your own body. Masturbation that leads to orgasm in women is a lot longer and more complex process compared to men’s masturbation. Take your time, relax and explore your body. If this doesn’t help than it’s probably the best time to visit the therapist.

Nocturnal Ejaculation

Orgasm during sleep is often linked with teenagers but the truth is that this happens in older men too. There are few reasons for this interesting phenomenon.

When a child becomes a sexually mature person, he often begins to dream about so-called sexual fantasies/dreams. These fantasies are also called wet dreams and they are usually caused by daily experiences. The reasons can be various – a short erotic scene from a movie, a beautiful classmate, some attractive celebrity and even erotic literature. These things usually happen to teenagers that haven’t experienced sexual intercourse yet or teenagers who haven’t masturbated yet. This is a completely natural teenage phenomenon that can occur in some teenagers and it is not a reason for being worried. Nocturnal ejaculations usually start around the age of 14. In rare cases, children that are twelve or thirteen years old can experience these nocturnal ejaculations too. Of course many male teenagers never experience this phenomenon. It’s good to know that this is happening randomly and there are no rules about it. Parents should remember that there is nothing wrong about nocturnal ejaculation.

So, how exactly these wet dreams that cause nocturnal ejaculation look like? These are dreams in which men dream about certain sights, events and happenings that they link with their sexual desires. While they are awake all these desires are pushed into the subconscious. Some experts say that men push these desires because they are afraid or ashamed of them and that’s the reason why they are so realistic in the dreams. It looks like a good psychiatrist like Freud could explain all these things. This legendary scientist linked all dreams with sexuality, especially when it came to the so-called hidden sexual dreams that contain various sexual symbols. According to him, female genitals often occur in the shape of vase, box, room or gardens while male genitals in the form of dagger, snake, stick while the sexual act can appear as a ride with a car or something similar. All these hidden sexual symbols can tell a lot about the person that is dreaming but that’s another topic.

What is interesting about nocturnal ejaculation is that this phenomenon can happen in older men too. It is usually happening in men that irregularly satisfy their sexual needs or this may be a reflection of their inability to satisfy some strong sexual desire because they are afraid or unable to do it. In many cases we are talking about certain sexual deviation that is not acceptable for the society but the individual still fantasizes about it. These dreams that cause nocturnal ejaculation can be about sexual deviance, perversion and about satisfying sexual desire in an strange, unusual and unacceptable way. Of course these are only some of the cases. The reason might be a simple erotic fantasy that can cause arousal even when we are awake.

Nocturnal ejaculation can be described as a subconscious sexual self-satisfaction that doesn’t affect the male sexual power in the waking state.

How To Reach Stunning Organisms While Enjoying Great Sex

When it comes to making love, people fail to understand that this is an art. As a man, if you want to have great sex, you must learn how to give your woman outstanding pleasure and see to it that every time you make love she may reach orgasm.

Now that you have sort your lady, it’s time we also took things up a notch and learnt how to turn our climax into an event that is spectacular. Having this thought in mind, below are two very amazing ways that when implemented will help any man enjoy mind blowing sex alongside his special lady…


Lengthen you Staying Power

Without flinching; statistics (alarming!) state that over 92% of men reach orgasm long before their lady is due. But what we have to discover is, every man has the ability of holding back and wait for their lady reach orgasm and afterwards turn his orgasm into a stronger, harder and very enjoyable ejaculation.

What or how is this possible?

For starters, you need to stop focusing on sensation which engulfs your genitalia as you two make love. Instead, you need to lay your focus on how pleasurable the act is and feel the sweetness in every fibre of your body.

If you feel that your orgasm is on its way, just stop for a minute or instead of drilling her, start thrusting nicer and slow. For the opportunist, this is the time you continue fondling your lady and giving her pleasurable oral sex.

As you pleasure her orally, your arousal will be lowered a few notches and you will be able to reach a point where you can start thrusting again. Continue repeating this process until when you arrive at a point where you feel it’s time to let go….


Hold Your Orgasm In

When you near the point of ejaculation, you will start feeling the involuntary contractions around the pelvic area. Before anything happens, start squeezing your PC muscle and as much as you can, try to hold off your ejaculation.

The PC muscle is the same that we all squeeze when we want to disrupt the flow of urine. After having reached an orgasm, and having held it back, when you are ready to release, it bursts forth in a mighty way and this is the instance that you’ll be able to enjoy extreme pleasure.


Strengthen the PC Muscle

If you want to be a stallion in the bedroom, you need to learn how to work your PC muscle. You should start by strengthening it. All you have to do is contract the PC muscles and hold for twenty seconds and release.

Repeat this process for five minutes continuously, once or three times a day and within no time you will have learnt how to hold your orgasm and deliver a sexual performance that is nothing else but Stella!!

How To Make Your Orgasm Last Longer?

Orgasms are the culmination of the sexual intercourse. Although the whole process of having sex is important, the orgasm is the most important part of the intercourse. According to some studies more than 90% of the people think that the orgasms last very short. But what they don’t know that there are some things that can be very helpful when it comes to having a longer orgasm. All these things and methods have been confirmed by experts so they are working in most cases.

First and foremost, when you start a sexual intercourse you should be relaxed and stress free. Many couples get aroused very fast and they proceed with the sex act very quickly. This can be considered as a first obstacle to reaching long orgasm. Next time you go to bed, try to relax and control yourself and your nervous system especially during the intercourse. With the right attitude you can open some new aspects of the sexual act.

Another thing that can be very helpful is to find out what you really like in sex. This means that over the time you might have developed some routine or maybe the desires of your partner have become your sexual desires too without even thinking about it. As some experts suggest, you should explore your body and find out what gives you the necessary pleasure. Find out which parts of your body are more sensitive and what turns you on. Of course, you should please your partner but don’t forget yourself in that process. Knowing yourself is the main factor for having a strong and long-lasting orgasm.

Although we always say that sex is a natural thing that can’t be “trained” it is always a good idea to learn something about sexual techniques and sex in general. Find out more about male and female bodies and everything that is related to sexuality. The more knowledge you have (the more theoretical knowledge) the more you will enjoy practicing sex. Don’t be afraid to try new and unusual techniques that can certainly spice up the things in your bed.

People often forget about their physical readiness, especially when they are in a long relationship. However, if you want to have strong and longer orgasm you should take care of your body. This means that you should exercise regularly and you should pay special attention to the muscles in the genital area. There are some special exercises for this are that will help you with your orgasm. In this way you will also increase the range of movements which usually means orgasms with better quality.

Good communication is a key to successful relationship. But good communication can be very useful when it comes to longer orgasms too. If you are having good communication with your partner you will feel more pleasant and comfortable with him/her which is one of the main factors for longer orgasm. Communication is useful before, during and after the sex. Words lead to deeper connection which eventually leads to more intense orgasm.

What Is Orgasmic Dysfunction?

Difficulties in reaching orgasm are called orgasmic dysfunction. This usually means that we cannot experience orgasm at all or we need very long time in order to achieve it. This condition has different symptoms and causes in men and women. When it comes to men, this usually means that they will ejaculate early; this of course prevents normal sexual intercourse. This term can also be used for situations when our orgasms are not that intensive and powerful like they used to be or when orgasms are accompanied by pain. Male and female orgasmic disorders have some similarities but they are very different in certain aspects.

Let’s start with orgasmic disorders in women. Orgasms experienced by women have been an interesting subject for years. Although in the past male orgasm was more important because of the ability to allow fertilization and reproduction, female orgasm was explored because it was thought that it can help with conception. Another fact about female orgasm is that women are usually less aware of their bodies, they don’t explore it when they are younger like many men do and that’s why they usually have troubles finding out what turns them on and what can lead them to real orgasm. The erogenous zones, like the clitoris or the well known G spot, are more hidden and women must make some efforts in order to find them and stimulate them. However, when we talk about orgasmic dysfunction in women, that doesn’t mean that the woman and her partner don’t stimulate the erogenous zone right, it means that despite all the efforts she can’t reach orgasm. This is called anorgasmia and it means that the woman has never experienced orgasm or that she can experience orgasm only with masturbation but not with her partner. The causes of all types of anorgasmia are mostly of psychological nature and rarely physical. They can be linked with negative experiences with sexuality and they can be solved with self-exploration of the body and better communication with the partner.

When it comes to male orgasmic dysfunctions, we should point out that these dysfunctions come in two types. The first one is when the man can’t reach orgasm despite the long stimulation and the second one is when he is experiencing early orgasms. This means that ejaculation occurred very early and made further sexual intercourse impossible. Some experts divide premature ejaculation in two groups – primary and secondary. The primary is a problem that lasts for the whole life while the secondary develops at some point in the life because of various reasons. Whatever the reason is this premature ejaculation or having trouble reaching orgasm affects men even more seriously because they feel less manly. However, in some cases inability to reach orgasm comes as a result of taking certain medications, overstimulation and other physical and psychological factors that can be solved. In these cases removing the factors will solve the problem immediately.

It is good for both women and men to try to figure out what might be the cause for their orgasmic dysfunction. If the cause is some physical disorder, consulting a doctor is a must.