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Why Is Female Masturbation Good For The Health?

Have you noticed that when you read about masturbation it is usually about male masturbation? Female masturbation is still considered to be a taboo but in the recent years there were several studies that came to a conclusion that female masturbation affects health in a positive way. So besides regular sex, occasional masturbation can be beneficial for women. These are some of effects of female masturbation:

–      Cardiovascular system and diabetes

Recent researches have proven that female orgasms strengthen the resistance of female bodies to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Of course these orgasms can be achieved by having sex with a partner but they can also be achieved with masturbation (especially if the woman doesn’t have a partner).

–      Infections

Masturbation is also very helpful when it comes to infections. It is good for both infections of the cervix and against urinary tract infections. It is a well known fact that masturbation lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men and recent studies have shown that masturbation practiced by women can lower the risk of cervical cancer. Once again the main reason for this is the orgasm itself, because it opens up the uterus and encourages production and distribution of so-called good bacteria in that area. Masturbation can also be useful in cases of urinary tract infections because it eases the pain which is a common thing in these infections. Besides that it helps the process of ejection of old and useless bacteria.

–      Pelvic

Masturbation, or orgasms to be more precise, strengthens the bottom of the pelvic which is especially important for women who have given birth. Throughout masturbation, and especially when the masturbation gets to the climax (orgasm), comes to muscle contractions and accelerated blood flow. All these things have great effects on the consolidation of the pelvic floor that leads to increased sexual pleasure and desire too.

–      Sleeping

Masturbation requires some energy and that is why many women (even without doing that intentionally) start masturbating after a long and busy day at work because that gives them a sense of relaxation and it helps them sleep faster and tighter. It is a known fact that masturbation encourages the release of dopamine in the body and those levels are at their maximum before the orgasm occurs. After the orgasm is achieved, oxytocin and endorphins are released that gives a feeling of calmness and warmth in every woman. Because of this feeling it is much easier for the woman to go to bed and sleep without having any problems.

–      Relaxation and mood

With the help of the hormones that are released during masturbation, the female body successfully fights the symptoms caused by stress. Hormones that lead to depression and bad moods are replaced with other hormones that bring happiness and calmness. Few researches have proven that masturbation drastically reduces emotional stress and this is very important because this stress is a direct cause of many diseases. Another research has shown that masturbation can remove bad mood instantly.

How To Make Your Erection Last Longer?

Erection is one of those things that we find very odd to explain. When you are able to have erection for a longer period then you feel happy and satisfied. But if there is a problem and you can’t make it last long or you even can’t get one, no matter how hard you try, that can be cause for some broader and more serious psychological issues.

In almost all cases, erection problems are started in our mind. The fastest way to if there is a serious problem in your mind is to self you can get erection while you are alone and you can’t get it if you are with your partner. That’s a clear sign of a psychological problem.

The reasons can be different – from using condoms and using the same sex routine to fear of failure or your lifestyle. It is very important to find the reason for this unpleasant situation in order to fix it faster. You need to do this faster because weak and short erection can cause a lot of trouble in the relationship. Women are very sensitive and they might think that they don’t attract you anymore which eventually lead to irritation and fighting.

Rock Hard erection, longer lasting

No matter what the reason for your weaker and short erection is there are ways to make it last longer. These tips can help anyone if they are done properly and regularly.

First of all talking can help a lot. Feel free to tell your partner what do you like in bed and be a good listener and listen what she finds appealing. Don’t be afraid to talk about your fantasies or even use dirty talking during the sexual intercourse.

Since we’ve mentioned routine as one of the possible reasons for weak erection, sex innovation can be very helpful. Even if you don’t suffer from weak erection, changing the routine occasionally can bring those missing sparks in your bed and make the sex more enjoyable.

Regular exercising is good for your health in general and for your sexual life too. It will make you feel fit and healthy and it will help you with your blood flow and movement range which is very important for the sexual intercourse. The penis depends on the blood circulation and regular exercising will make it stronger.

Don’t think about your previous failures and concentrate on the future. What was done was done and it is time to show your partner that you can do better. After all anyone can fail in bed, it happens a lot. There are many reasons for that but the good thing is that you will have other chances.

Remember that sex is more than the act of penetration. Sex is much more and it starts with a long and sensual foreplay. You can please your partner in many ways so start with one thing and end with penetration. Just relax and enjoy the sex without thinking what could happen if you fail.

Food And Sperm Quality

In the past few decades scientists have come to a conclusion that the sperm quality in men is getting lower and as a result of that there are more problems with fertility.

Many researches were done and almost all of them point to food as one of the reasons for this decline in quality. The link between food and sperm quality was confirmed, so the researchers have tried to see how different food intake (especially vitamins) influences the sperm quality.

The results showed that men who consumed more vegetables and fruits had better sperm quality, because in this way they were taking more vitamins, fibers, folic acid and less fat and proteins. Men who didn’t care about their diet had sperm with lesser quality.

The improvement was noticed in many aspects like mobility, concentration and morphology of sperm in men who had diet rich in lutein, beta carotene, lycopene, selenium and vitamins that are usually found in fruit like watermelon for example.

But how does exactly food affect the sperm quality? Well, first of all proper diet is important because with certain food you can regulate your blood pressure and, as you probably know, high blood pressure is one of the biggest problems when it comes to potency in men. Furthermore, problems with prostate, bad circulation, higher levels of cholesterol can all affect the sperm quality and that is why it is important to take care about what and when you eat. A glass or two of some alcoholic beverage doesn’t directly affect the potency but over a certain period of time, alcohol can lead to high blood pressure. The same thing applies for food rich in fat and red meat too.

There are certain foods that can improve the quality of sperm and it is always a good idea to consume them even if the quality of sperm is not in your focus because they are good for the health in general.

We have mentioned watermelon previously as one of those fruits. Watermelon and melon too, are fruits that include a lot of antioxidants in them. Antioxidants are the best way to fight free radicals in our bodies. Besides antioxidants, watermelons contain substances that researchers describe as natural Viagra, because they affect blood vessels in a similar way and they increase sexual desire.

Beans are also known as food that can help the quality of sperm. The best beans are peas and green beans that directly affect the levels of cholesterol and make those levels lower. They are also helpful against high blood pressure which is in a direct correlation with the potency. People who consume these beans daily can lower their blood pressure for 10%.

Besides beans, berries are very useful too. Berries like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry or cranberry contain antioxidants in great amounts. Just like watermelons they are excellent in defending our bodies from free radicals. Berries can also prevent different types of damages of the arteries.

These are some of the foods that can improve the sperm quality but if you want to notice a real difference you need to change your whole diet.

Practical Exercises For Better Sex

There is always a room for improvement in your sexual life. These exercises will help you have better sex and help you with our overall health state.


These exercises are very useful especially for women because if they are performed daily they will notably strengthen and highlight their thighs and buttocks. Furthermore, squats will also improve blood flow in and around genital area which will definitely have good effects on the libido. Performing these exercises is easy so you should start as soon as possible.

Biceps muscles

Women find strong biceps in men very attractive and sexy. But biceps exercises are beneficial for women too because when this type of exercise is performed higher amounts of testosterone are released in the body.  Trainings used to increase muscle mass (especially biceps) are a completely natural way to raise these testosterone levels in both sexes which leads to a greater desire for sex.

Don’t forget your pelvic area

Just like building muscle mass, pelvic exercises are good for both women and men because they are strengthening the muscles that are most active during the sexual intercourse. However women should pay special attention when we talk about pelvic exercises. Women offer suffer from pain in the lower back area and this affects their sexual drive and sets limitations on the number of positions in which they can enjoy. With the help of these exercises you will strengthen your lower back and you will be able to experience all the possible positions that you know or want to try.


This exercise should be performed every day. In this way you will tighten the muscles of the upper abdomen, buttocks and thighs. People often feel pain in some part of the body whenever they try to change the position. With these exercises you can be sure that these things won’t happen again. Besides that you will be much more stable in positions that require strength in the legs and in the arms and they also help women when they are on top.


Most of the women find tightened abdominal muscles in men extremely attractive and men love flat and shaped stomach muscles in women. Sexual desire rises both in men and women when they look at their partner’s powerful abs.  Abdominal muscles are very active during the sexual intercourse so the good look is not the only reason why you should work on them.

Kegel exercises

Although these exercises are usually linked with women they can be performed by both sexes. Strengthening the muscles of the urethra, anus and vagina will help women have more intense orgasms that last longer while kegel exercises help men with their erection. They will make the erection stronger and last longer and these exercises can even help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Kegel exercises are extremely easy to be performed and they can be done in any place.

All these exercises will work even better if they are performed together with your partner.

Exercising For Better Sexual Health

Many pregnant women and women that recently gave birth notice changes in their sexual life caused by physical, hormonal and emotional changes during pregnancy. Some of these changes can be spotted by women who lack physical activity too. Poorer quality of sexual life can have serious consequences on the quality of relationship with the partner but the good news is that these potential problems can be avoided.

The truth is that there is a direct link between regular exercising and sexual satisfaction and you can significantly boost your libido with it.

By strengthening the muscles of the whole body, especially the abdominal and pelvic area and improving the cardiovascular fitness and readiness, will positively affect the sexual health in women. Performing exercises with higher number of repetitions with ease or with higher workloads gives a feeling of safety and health and strength that every woman that experiences these feelings can use them in order to be satisfied and happy in her daily activities and sexual life too.

Irregular exercising or complete inactivity raises the levels of stress in general and makes daily activities hard and difficult to perform. That is why exercising is so important when it comes to improvement of health. Even the regular sexual activity, at least the one that satisfies both of the partners, can be considered as an exercise too.

Every exercise that is performed in the right way and possibly with an assistance and observation of a professional trainer improves the physical status of the woman. This physical improvement can be later used in the sexual life. Persons who rarely have any sexual intercourses and do not practice exercising regularly or at all suffer from lack of stamina. Besides that, without regular exercising the risk of getting vaginal infections increases and women that are entering in the phase of menopause are risking additional changes of their libido and increased pelvic floor muscle relaxation.

In these situations women often complain that they lack of sexual desire, they feel less attractive to their partners or because of weight gain they are not satisfied with their look. When health reasons are excluded, every woman should consider the motives for having sex, which doesn’t mean that sex should be avoided but it means that it should be connected to the benefits for her health. After a month of regular sexual activity woman begin to feel changes in their bodies, better control of the muscles especially in the pelvis and the pelvic floor as well as better hormonal support which eventually leads to greater sexual desire. As you can see it is a chain reaction.

Regular exercising can boost the libido because women feel more confident when they can dominantly and precisely control the sexual intercourse because of the stronger pelvic floor muscles. In this way they can also be sure that their partners are satisfied too. The feeling of satisfaction and having healthy hormonal balance which is provided with regular sexual intercourses will be guaranteed!

Things You Need To Know About Your Penis

Have you noticed that sometimes your penis gets an erection in some awkward situations and without your will? This comes as a result of the system that controls your penis and that is the nervous system. The nervous system is not always under our control and that is why things like that are happening.

In many cases sexual arousal is not voluntary. In fact most of sexual arousals appear in the sympathetic nervous system. Furthermore, impulses that come from the brain during the so-called REM phase of sleep can cause erections if you are dreaming about sex or some unpleasant situations. Stretching the stomach and lifting heavy weight can also cause erections so you should be prepared for that.

Another interesting fact is that the penis appears bigger when you feel happy and relaxed.

As you know penises grow while they are in the state of erection, but there is no consistent ratio between a relaxed penis and erected penis. It can grow from 1,5 cm to 9 cm. The only thing that might be consistent is that smaller penises increase more while they are erected (sometimes even two times more) while people with bigger penises don’t have this level of increasing.

Although we only see the exterior of the penis, this organ is a lot larger. Imagine it as a tree and you can’t see the roots of that tree. The penis has a boomerang shape and it goes inside the pelvis and continues to the pubic bone. One of the methods of surgical interventions to increase penis is cutting the ligaments within the pelvis where the root of the penis is located. This ligament is called suspensory ligament and it regulates the erection (it makes it stronger). By cutting that ligament the erected penis loses it upward angle and starts hanging. Lack of stiffness can lead to penis injuries.

As we probably all know there are no bones in the penis but yet it can be broken. This occurrence is called penis fracture and when this happens a sound of cracking can be heard. The penis becomes blue or black and a strong painful sensation occurs.

Luckily penis fracture happens rarely and it is usually present in young people because of their very stiff erection.

In order to avoid this kind of fracture don’t use your penis too rough or reckless. The most often reason for this fracture is quick sex and forcing the penis into the partner. In this way the penis might hit the tailbone and brake. Women that are on top during the sexual intercourse and make rapid and uncontrolled movements can also damage the penis.

Peyronie’s syndrome is usually linked with older people. This comes as a result of weaker erection that appears among older people. The penis is bending more during the sex and minor tissue damages can occur. After a while the penis can get bended appearance followed by some health issues. But remember that not all types of bending can cause problems.

Choose the Best Way to Resolve Erectile Dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction makes the personal relationship unpleasant. A male sexual partner should be responsive to use the qualitative suppository or oral pills to remove the ED to have the good penile erection for long time. Sexual desire should be fulfilled to enjoy the bliss of marriage.

Doctors’ Advices on Sex Health (Helpful to Guys to Control ED)

Doctors give a number of tips to keep the sex health. Their advices need to be jotted down to overtake lot of troubles. Erectile dysfunction is a disease. It makes the penile shaft curvy and thin. The flaccid penis has the low blood flow to block nerves. There is a problem faced by a guy to extend his penis during foreplay. He has chronic lethargy to do sexual intercourse due to the sexual dysfunction. So, he must take effective consultation and medical assistance from experienced sexologists.

No Stress- Be Energetic to Have Better Sex Health

First of all, a dude should not pass time in stress. His sexual health can deteriorate fast if he always suffers from severe depression. He must be jovial without stress to bear. It is an unbearable situation for anyone who has the ED related sexual disease.

Often, depending on the condition of the male patient, a doctor prescribes Alprostadil. It is a powerful synthetic suppository to work fast in the case of reducing the penile dysfunction within short time. This medication that treat erectile dysfunction is used in the form of shot for administration. However, over dosage of this medication can cause a number of health problems.


There are many well known medications for controlling sexual dysfunction. These pills help patients to fight with various types of sexual diseases and erectile dysfunction. However, doctors warn their patients about the side effects of powerful suppositories and oral pills. For instance, the over consumption of the drugs that treat sexual dysfunction causes different health hazards like headache, blurred vision, indigestion and mild cardiac disorder.

Doctors prohibit the usage of pills which contain nitroglycerine. Patients can be affected by chest pain, headache and breathing problems owing to intake of nitroglycerine.

Online Discounts to Buy Medications to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Online pharmacies store cheap medications which are customizable. Buy a pack of the best ED inhibiting medications at smart prices. Online discounts are helpful to consumers to purchase bottles of sexual enhancer to wipe out causes of the ED. Economical buyers are given good buying options online. Generic medications are not costly like brand drugs. However, generic pills work exactly same way as sumptuous brand drugs. To get relief from the penile dysfunction and low libido, apply for the medically approved drugs/ suppositories and herbal sprays to strengthen up the penile shafts.

Doctors welcome patients to do carefree discussion about their sexual problems. Patients should not neglect ED any more. Timely treatment and application of proper medications to reduce side effects of sexual dysfunction are required. In this connection, people can join different health clubs, online consultancy forums and social networks to get more tips about the erectile dysfunction. Reviews on the modern treatment to manage the sexual dysfunction help young dudes to get more interesting facts about secrets of keeping better sex health.

Erectile Dysfunction Supplements

Nature has from time immemorial provided humankind with remedies for various ailments and erectile dysfunction is no exception. Some men with erectile dysfunction problem resort to such remedies to manage the problem. Interestingly, even some men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction make use of the remedies not necessarily to treat or manage erectile dysfunction but to improve their sexual performance. Because of their popularity, supplements for ED are now commercially available from drug stores and other outlets in form of capsules, pills and tablets.


DHEA is a hormone that is produced naturally by the body’s adrenal glands. It is changed by the body into androstenedione hormone, which is the basis for both female and male hormones. In men, secretion of DHEA is in the testes. Because DHEA produced by the body may not be sufficient, commercially manufactured DHEA is widely available in the market. This is made from chemicals found in soy and yams. Regularly used in managing osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, depression and chronic fatigue among other health conditions, DHEA is now widely used by men declared impotent by their physicians to improve their sexual performance. DHEA is also used by women in need of cutting down on their weight and those in need of strengthening their vaginal wall.

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng that is now commercially available as a supplement is one of the widely used plants in treating many ailments and health conditions including depression, chronic fatigue, lung disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, diabetes, anaemia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The plant should not be confused with such others as American and Siberian ginseng. It is a supplement that is now widely used by men declared as being impotent to improve on their sexual health.


L-arginine is an amino acid that is naturally manufactured by the body from food eaten. It is also commercially manufactured from such food stuffs as red meat, fish, poultry and dairy products. When ingested, it is converted by the body into nitric oxide, which is very necessary for opening of blood vessels for smooth blood flow. L-arginine is commonly used in treating such conditions as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, male infertility and erectile dysfunction.


Melanotan-II should not be confused with melatonin. Just like with melatonin, Melanotan-II is a commercially manufactured hormone similar to melanoncyte, a stimulating hormone produced by the body that enhances production of skin-darkening pigments. Melanotan-II is given as a shot under the skin and is very effective in tanning the skin and in stimulating erection.

Although readily available as over-the-counter medications, use of these supplements by impotent men requires due diligence. This is particularly very important for anyone taking other conventional medications. To prevent any negative side effects and adverse health complications, it is always recommended that any man diagnosed as being impotent consults his physician before using the supplements.

Even with physician consultation, where one buys the supplements is very critical. This is because not all supplements are of the same kind. For instance, there are supplements promoted as containing DHEA when such is not true. Men in need of using these supplements are obligated to buy from reputable stores, whether local or online.

Fantasies During Sexual Intercourse

Many men are face with a dilemma of fantasizing about another woman as they make love to their wives. To give you satisfactory answers, rather than focus on the good, bad, right or wrong, let’s explore an entirely different approach since it’s not up to us to decide what really works of doesn’t work for your relationship.

The honest and brutal truth is, a majority of men and women involved in a relationship in some point or another use some sort of foreign fantasy when they are having sex or masturbating. The question here is, if it’s common and quite natural to be attracted to a number of people so why would your fantasies be any different?

It’s been proven that variety plays a crucial role by helping couples boost their sexual relationships.  Fantasy is basically another type of variety though mental. That said however; for a majority of us, the thought of their partner thinking about another person can spark up anger, insecurities as well as jealousy.

So does this make fantasizing wrong? Many may say it is a wrong move, however fantasy is a healthy move. Fantasizing makes it possible for our imagination and creativity to blend perfectly with arousal and sexual expression.

For some of us, fantasy is a mature and safe way of exploring outside our relationships without doing the actual cheating. But many argue that fantasy is still a form of cheating but that’s their opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

The society of yesterday as well as today has created a world in which we feel very uncomfortable and overly guilty about a lot of sexual thoughts and ideas that our mental mind explores.


Fantasies Are Unique

Your fantasies are unique to you, there is no one who can take away your mind’s ability to picture stimulating pictures. So who on earth has been granted the permission to try and regulate they partner’s imagery?

Is it written that our fantasies need only to focus on our partners? If you concentrate on these types of questions, you will end up feeling guilty as you think about these images in the first place. It is critical that you thoroughly examine yourself as well as your relationship to gauge whether you are both happy and attracted to your partner, these are the tools that will let you know why you are fantasizing about other people when engaged in coitus.

Again there might be nothing wrong and you are blessed with a mind which loves the idea of various fantasies. The best thing you should do is leave your insecurities at the door and allow your partner to fantasize about what they want and use the fantasy to enjoy a better sexual session.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction and Orgasm

Unlike in the past, the number of men with sexual problems continues to rise. The rise in numbers can be attributed to several factors including physical injury to the pelvic region, poor diet lacking in vital minerals, long-term use of certain medications, disease/health conditions and poor lifestyle among other factors. While some men with erectile dysfunction gather the courage to consult their doctors, there are those who keep their sexual problems to themselves for fear of stigmatization and rejection.

Apart from those men that consult their doctors, the increase in the number of men with erectile dysfunction problems is evident in the number of sex enhancing medications sold in the market. Sales volume of such medications as Viagra and Cialis has and continues to rise as men who fail to consult their doctors resort to using the same to improve on their poor sex life. These are the men who have to contend with such ED problems as weak penile erection, lack of erection, prolonged erection, delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation.

One critical issue that doctors treating men with erectile dysfunction problems have failed to address is anorgasmia. This is the inability for a man to reach orgasm in the course of sexual performance. Doctors have largely focused in treating ED without appreciating the fact that men who present themselves with the problem may be suffering anorgasmia. Simply put, orgasm is the intense feeling of pleasure a man experiences during sexual performance. Characterized by rapid body muscle movements, it is the attainment of orgasm that results in ejaculation.

Because erectile dysfunction manifests itself in many ways, it is not surprising to find a man capable of achieving strong penile erection necessary for sexual performance but fail to attain to reach climax. Although such a man’s sexual partner may sexually be satisfied at the end of performance, the man is left unsatisfied because of his inability to reach climax.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that ED impacts negatively on a man’s ability to reach climax during sexual performance. A man who fails to reach climax during sexual performance may not only suffer from such inability. It can be worse in case of a married man because it is from attainment of orgasm and ejaculation that a man is able to plant is seed in a woman for pregnancy to occur. It is therefore very important that men with ED problems open up when they visit their doctors.

All is however not lost for men incapable of reaching sexual climax. Doctors have now made it a standard practice to delve deeper to understand any other sexual problems men presenting ED problems suffer. It is therefore upon men with ED problems to indicate to their doctors such other problems as inability to attain orgasm even when they attain penile erection in order to receive the necessary treatment.

Medical researchers have not been left out either. In a study report presented at American Urological Association in Atlanta, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine have established that men who suffer anorgasmia can benefit from use of Cabergoline, a drug that is capable of restoring attainment of normal orgasm. The drug acts on the basis that the level of prolactin hormone in the bloodstream increases once a man attains orgasm and ejaculates. The drug therefore lowers level of the hormone in the bloodstream. The drug can therefore provide men suffering from anorgasmia some relief.